Don't you think Obama could have gotten his citizenship from...

Guy Comeau - August 6 2010, 12:44 PM

Don't you think Obama could have gotten his citizenship from his mother, An american citizen?

Even though, his father was not an American citizen under this new law, Barrack would have still been an American.

This anticipated new law is only for people who came from other countries already pregnant to precisely give birth here in America solely for the American citizenship in mind. An the second category is to discouraged illegal people to give birth in this country in view of getting citizenship.

Personally, the second category is a little bit too blunt; because if someone is here illegally, they have worked hard and is a contributing member to this society, I believe they should give this person a chance.

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That's pretty stupid, the only reason why they want...

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Yes, but it will also state if you are living here...

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