People never understimate the power of Republicans (evil) in...

Damebochie - August 4 2010, 9:49 AM

People never understimate the power of Republicans (evil) in this country.

Look at what is going on in Arizona.

Pretty soon many Northern states will follow.

Where I live, Utah, they are already cooking a law like the one in Arizona.

I am telling you, in a few years if your ancestors didn't come here in the Mayflower or your skin is not like snow white, there will me no freakin American Dream for you. I am so afraid for my fellow Haitians who just received TPS. Trust me, with the end of Obama's presidency, many haitians (perhaps all of them) will lose the TPS status.

There's no way Obama will be able to serve in 2nd term. If he even try, well ma dil salye grandpa pou mwen.

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