Don't worry, you are still Haitian but with especial privileges

What Simon said is true. Diasporas who lost their citizen ships of Haiti are only the Haitians Americans.

That means you cannot vote, run for office or become president of Haiti.

Look at it on the bright side. You're still Haitian with more advantages than none Haitian Americans.

You could go to Haiti whenever you desire and leave Haiti to USA whenever you desire with no Haitian's government regulations, as long you obtain your American's passport, your citizen's paper or your Birth's certificates to prove you were born in USA. You're still Haitian; and you're also American, you can live anywhere in the Caribbean as long the American Ambassador aware and granted your departure of USA.

All US citizens must report their departure of USA to foreign countries to the American ambassador if you intend to stay longer in the foreign countries.

That's only for your protection and to be able to maintain your US citizen ship.

The rich Haitian Americans who live in Petion ville, kinscoff, Montagne noir and other exclusive places in Haiti are still Haitians with great privilege.

You most remember after one has been working for twenty to thirty years and paid Taxes to the US government,
it is beneficial for one to become American and to be able to collect the full social security benefit on one-retirement days. If you're not USA citizens you cannot collect full social security benefit from the US Government.

If you were employees for the City, State, or Federal government and not US citizen, you would not receive pension benefits.

Also, you would not have the USA to protect you from the Haitian's Government whenever you return to Haiti.

Simon is right about the Haitian's law. It is also the international law. Do not worry, you're Haitian but you cannot run for office, vote or running for president of Haiti.

Are you Concern about these issues?

I am not. I am Haitian American and have traveled all over the Caribbean with my American passport proudly and received respect from any place I have been on the Islands.

I am still Haitian but with US privilege.

The economy of Haiti continues to circulate because of the US dollars you have sent to your love ones. Can you imagine what would Haiti's economy be like without the support to your love ones?

The US dollars you are sending to Haiti keeps the economy circulates to some point.

Keep doing what you're doing to help Haiti.

I also believe only the Diasporas abroad can help Haiti.

Yes, We are Haitians with especial privilege.

Simon better learn from the Diasporas how the US system works.

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