Haiti needs an other great dictator visions like Henry...

Garry - July 27 2010, 8:35 PM

Haiti needs an other great dictator visions like Henry Christophe.

Democracy doesn't work there, it only creates chaos.

Haitians in Haiti need disciplines.

you work, you eat and if you don't work, too bad.

We have built some great architectures in the past with no outside help but with great leaders such as Henry Christophe, Jn Jack Dessaline and Henry Petion to name the least.

They were great leaders with a disciplines.

At that time, no one could enter Haiti and tell the Government to destroy all its pigs, its cows and set fire in Haiti's rice and sugar cane fields then kill all Haiti's chickens.

These leaders would have asked him gently to leave the country and make sure that he is left. They wouldn't mingle with all type of low lives just because he is a white man. They had respect for their people and therefore no one would even try to kidnap their children then disrespect their country.

Instead of crying "I am homeless" They would sleep with their people in the street till they build back their nest even more beautiful.

So in other words, Haiti doesn't need democracy, Haiti needs a good dictator who respect and love his people.

A great home is a house where mom and dad are two dictators with disciplines and respect but full of love. No kid would spit or dump food in the middle of the living room cause he knows the consequences.

No one can enter the house and commend it cause he'll get kicked right out malhonetement.

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What Haiti need is another francois Duvalieur

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