I am very happy about it. The designers, and the major stores...

Josy - April 20 2010, 7:43 PM

I am very happy about it. The designers, and the major stores destroyed clothes constantly.

They do not only destroy counterfeits, but unsold items.

They do not simply throw them away in the trash, but cut them up. They do it, so others will not be able to ever use them again.

There is so much waste in the world, and in America particularly.

The hotels, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and manufacturers throw so much food in the trash.

We must remember some American children living in America do go to bed hungry at night, and this system is insane.

Walmart, and Norstrom cut up unsold merchandises to make room for new ones. The items that are no longer profitable, or out of season go to the garbage.

You kids here living in the richest country of the world who do not have clothes, school supplies, or even back packs to carry their books.

The school books are free, because they could not afford to buy them. The insanity, and the waste have to stop. God is not happy with us, and will eventually turn his back on us. We must teach our children to share with others, and not to waste things.

I suggest that parents take their children to the shelters to volunteer a few hours, so they could become aware of the poor. We must teach our children to donate money, old clothes, and toys to the shelters.

I had a rule in my house, and you had to give away something each time you obtain a new one. If you receive a toy for your birthday, Christmas, or other occasions you had to give away one old toy to a shelter.

They will grow up to become generous, and conscientious leaders.

We probably cannot save the older generation, but we can work hard with the new generation.

You do not need so much junks to live, and must give to others.

It is not only about materials, but time also. We must teach our children to volunteer, and help others.

The me, myself, and I attitude has to go. Yes, you are your brother's keeper.

I was raised to share with others, and as a result my family never went hungry.

You will get back much more when you give, and I believe it strongly.

My grandmother, and my mother use to cook big pots of food to feed the visitors.

My father use to let go of thieves who stole from him, and will lecture them. He would give them money, or help them find jobs. I came from a family of givers, and sharers.

We will become a better society if we learn how to share, and care for others.

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