I notice that a couple of replies (1&2) make absolutely no...

Josy - March 26 2010, 12:12 AM

I notice that a couple of replies (1&2) make absolutely no sense, and full of errors.

I suggest that you read the article carefully, and understand it completely before you write a reply.

It is not just about being on the internet, and writing comments.

You have to get the points made by the writer, and then an appropriate comment.

You do not need to be hostile, or vulgar about an article.

The website's owner is doing all of us a huge favor, and keeping the readers update.

He reads the articles, and is well informed.

He then post them on the site, and engage us to give our opinions.

I suggest that #1, and #2 authors read the New York Times' article again before you make complete fools of yourselves.

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