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Very well my good man, you have done well.This is what
I am talking about.

The history of haitians is the pride of
Haiti.It is the blood and the spirit of all Haitians.

By removing
the facts from us is also to replace the slavery's chains back on
our ankles.

The haitians history is now been taken away from
the new Haitians generation, which interim turns us to selve-slavery.

The unity, the harmony, the humanity of all mankind are no longer
existed, because of simple reasons.

Who are haitians and where are we came from?

These questions were not
completely emphasized to the new generation in schools.

How many
haitians who know that we came from West Africa and not just Africa.

The Europeans removed us from West Africa by free willing of our king
to haiti which is used to call Sainte Dominique.The name Haiti came to
existence not until the controversy between Simon Boulevard the Dominican
leader, who was not even Dominican at the time of the dispute with the
Haitian leader.The dispute was because Napolion Bonapat have sent soldiers to
massacre the Indians on the island.

Women, men and children were killed
by the French soldiers.

The Haitian's leader was reproached for the brutal
action Thereafter, Sainte Dominique became two countries after forty years of occupying
and proctecting the indians whom are now called Dominican from
the name Dominique.

The name Sainte Dominique became the name
of the capital of Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

The Dominicans
were under the Haitian flag. They did the same thing that we did with the
French's flag when they declared their independence from Haiti on nutural agreements.

In my opinion, I think that was a big mistake we made to divide the country into two parts.

There are so much I can say on the topic of haitian's freedom which
make me proud of my self. Although, I have badmouth the Haitian's

Haitian stands for superiority and we must do our best to
keep it that way. Regardless of what negativity or shadows may be
presented before us to suppress our mentalities from moving positive
through our lives.


I am also looking for a nice Haitian girlfriend and she would the first
Haitian woman in my life.

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