At Dari, I do not hate Nicaraguans i just know for a fact that...

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at Dari, I do not hate Nicaraguans i just know for a fact that it is a poor country & not only in the atlantic coast.

What government are you talking about all i said was that the american government warns their people(north americans) before traveling to NICARAGUA bc their CRIME RATE is so HIGH!!! that's why i placed that link there for you to be able to read for yourself but apparently your not going to inform yourself so that you may sound intelligent when you speak about a subject.

obviously whatever your primos in nicaragua are telling you is more valid than facts researched by experts."Crime rates in Nicaragua are going sky high and have increased steadily over the past few years.

Managua in particular is extremely dangerous, street crime is common and economically driven violent crime is on the rise due to the countries extreme poverty and lack of jobs."USGov so this goes to prove to you that managua is very dangerous and poor just like the rest of the country.

this is just for you to realize that this is not NICARAGUA VS. HAITI match bc that would be stupid to make the poorest countries in the western hemisphere compete.

They're both beautiful places that unfortunately have stricken by poverty due to corruption and natural disasters.

P.S. stop lying to yourself about traveling to all the imaginary places that you never have been to it is obvious that you would never say that haiti is an ugly place if you have ever been there like u said you did. royal caribbean takes their passengers to haiti so exactly how ugly can it be?

i'm sure that their multi billion dollar company doesn't take their clients to endanger them.

Alex, February 9 2010, 2:26 AM

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Topic: The poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere is Nicaragua, not Haiti

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at MI & DARI, first of all just bc NICARAGUA has papa johns and other fast food joints doesn't mean it's better than HAITI, and obviously you... read more >
Alex, 6-Feb-10 12:48 am
um no yeah it's poor as in the economy but you are not gonna see people walking barefoot without food and needing help.. obviously it's not like... read more >
Dari, 6-Feb-10 11:58 am
at Dari, you make absolutely NO sense at all!!! first off, there ARE ppl in Nicaragua walking barefoot and in desperate need of aid. second of all... read more >
Alex, 6-Feb-10 4:48 pm
uh no mijito i DON'T fucking get my information from my family so don't get THEM into this. It's known for a fact. their airport is one of the most... read more >
Dari, 6-Feb-10 11:06 pm
at Dino I never once said Haiti was rich or even close to being rich. i accepted the fact that it's a poor country JUST LIKE NICARAGUA!! you are the... read more >
Alex, 7-Feb-10 2:44 am
Dari, 8-Feb-10 2:15 pm
exactly this guy makes it seem as if nothing happens.. thank you :D read more >
Dari, 8-Feb-10 8:30 pm
at Dari, I do not hate Nicaraguans i just know for a fact that it is a poor country & not only in the atlantic coast. What government are you... read more >
Alex, 9-Feb-10 2:26 am
at Elexus, i agree in times like these unfortunately humans must do whatever it be to survive. if it is true that they are eating human remains it... read more >
Alex, 9-Feb-10 2:33 am
at Bernadette, if you were educated and sensible that would be an insult but coming from it's a joke! LMAO!!!!!! read more >
Alex, 9-Feb-10 9:15 pm
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