Thank you for this post!. To tell you some conceive the life...

Beni Soinite - July 7 2009, 5:56 PM

Thank you for this post!.

To tell you some conceive the life of a way, others another way. All to say that "tout moun se moun pa men tout moun menm" Biblequement speaking, I know we all pass on this earth in this life, we do not have to do promotions on this earth without thinking of the return of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We can not speak of eternal life without the presence of Jesus Christ.Car he himself is eternal life. He said in the Bible "without me you can do nothing" this said to have eternal life on this earth, it is mandatory for us to have Jesus Christ in our lives, after which we can do other things.

Because life is not only in what we did, we left and what the aoutres tell us that all is vanity and pass. But what is important to us and even essential is that our life will become after the mort. Parce that there will be a great trial.

I think what is important for us is to prepare us for the return of our Savior Jesus Christ, this does not prevent us from: work, be good husband, beautiful wife, beautiful children, beautiful houses, beautiful friends, travel around the world, to leave our mark, moreover, that started on a brand's life, regardless of whether one died immediately after we won or had its life or career.

Ca all God is calling as we say "disguised" or over the life eternal.

I do not know, if you do not accept this Beau Jesus in your life. If so, I encourage you to hold firm if not I advise you to accept it even now. Because the bible said "The time is the rain is not good to remain" dehord "" Eternal life is Jesus, and Jesus is now not tomorrow.

Thanks again & thank you!

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