President Jovenel must and have to complete his term.He spent...

Hen - November 21 2018, 6:54 PM

President Jovenel must and have to complete his term .He spent 22 months campaigning all over Haiti He was elected democratically.

Haiti has been in trauma for 30years Jovenel is not the cause of the problem.

Those tugs don't want any change at all in the country.

Remember Haiti fall in the pit since the flood has disrupted its structure since then haiti lost its sense of honor patriotic values and moral.

We can't afford another flood .Jovenel is the only corner stone to fight to sustain all parties together and prevent the worst we can imagine.

Remember we were tired of Francois Duvalier but today we wish He was there.

Jovenel please do not leave Haiti at the mercy of Gangs, petro bluffers, assassins, criminals liars bloodsuckers and power hungry demons.The country needs a break otherwise we open up our gates to third party robbers.

Haiti be smart think smart act smart.

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