Woodring! You are right! Something is definitely wrong with a...

Gerard - October 6 2018, 7:01 AM

Woodring! You are right!
Something is definitely wrong with a country that keeps destroying its own assets and start all over again at zero.
The question is:
When will the people's eyes be opened and take matters in their own hands and fix that mess?

The first start of problem elimination in Haiti is to get rid of the corrupt elections...Period!
Let the country be lead by a selected group of qualified and approved individuals chosen by their respective communities because of the examples of good deeds they have achieved and done over the years in their respective communities.Let them form a Leaders Council that will sit in sessions and decide what is best for the nation...This step only will solve a major leadership void in the nation where elections paid by corrupt groups and corrupt individuals are electing non-qualified politicians who have nothing to prove what they have achieved or done in their areas but just come to Port-au-Prince, gather a bunch of hungry street people ( I feel really bad for them because they are so innocent)they become criminals, thieves, robbers, kidnappers and support the corrupt leaders who have been raised to power by crooked means and schemes...Once, they rise to power, they turn their back on the poor stupid and illiterate voters who voted them in...Now, it's time to amass a million or 10 millions and hide their treasures in Florida, Switzerland, the Bahamas etc and then leave the poor, much poorer than when they came to power, and move away from Haiti and go enjoy their rich lives with their families and friends and watch the stupid Haitians take the streets and go burn the rich hardworking elites's stores and buildings and cars...That is so nonsense and so stupid...I am a real Haitian, born and raised in Haiti, now living in the USA because those selfish leaders and corrupt politicians and their corrupt government leaders leave the streets of Port-Au-Prince unprotected so that their kidnappers can run free, terrorizing the poor and neglected people who has been suffering for years...I understand your anger...But what are going to do about it?

That the right question every single Haitian living in Haiti and elsewhere should ask themselves every single day until the situation is changed for the best for Haiti...

Vive Haiti!, Vive la Liberte!,Vive la fraternite!, Vive l'Egalite! et Vive la Republique d'Haiti!!!Dieu vous benisse tous!!!!

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