Hello, I am not an attorney, I am an American citizen who has...

Rosa Robbins - January 29 2018, 8:31 PM

Hello, I am not an attorney, I am an American citizen who has had the honor of knowing several people who where members of the Haitian community.

They were nice, hard working people, friendly, kind and they were industrious.

One of them attended school with my daughter and son. He visited our home many times.

He had come to the US at the age of three years.

We discovered only a few years ago he had been deported in 2014. This was very sad. The reason I am sending this message is it did cross my mind that it may be possible for him and other Haitian citizens who have been deported to band together, armed with the fact that, while central and south American countries' citizens were and are receiving protections in many parts of the US, Haitian citizens were selected, "rounded up" and deported with little or no argument, protests, or fan-fair.

I am referring to the 2014 deportation, since the (then) president and his political alleys were acting to increase the numbers of illegal immigrants from the central and south American nations.

That is absolute bigotry, selection based on race and class.

Is it not possible for these people to sue in the world court at the UN?

To hold accountable the administration holding office during that specific deportation.

It was selective, had it been served on all illegals, had groups of other nations be targeted also, there would be no grounds for such an action but that is not the case. I believe in legal immigration but I also believe it is wrong to selectively punish one group but ignore others.

I wish the Haitian people prosperity, health and freedom.

I will send prayers from my lips for all of you.

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