I respect his personal response to this. Of course this is a...

Eunice Tassone - January 14 2018, 3:45 PM

I respect his personal response to this. Of course this is a reaction to the offensive behavior of the US president.

Most Americans are embarrassed by the president's behavior but we have freedom of speech.

I hope the professor does not regret this action in future years when we have a new president with a different attitude toward Haiti.

This president also has a dislike for most non-whites in the USA. We are trying to tolerate this president's behavior because he is an elected official and it looks like the only way to rid ourselves of this individual is by going to the voting booths in 2020. For any Haitian thinking about making this kind of statement, I suggest thinking about it for two weeks.

You cannot undo this act of protest with the US Embassy in Haiti which already makes it difficult for Haitians to get a US Visa.

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