I am very happy for him he was a good leader

Michel Louis - February 20 2008, 10:36 AM

I am very happy for him, because nobody puts him down. He steps down voluntary.

After nearly 50 years in power, he accomplished alot for the cubans people.For example, before Castro, Cuba was like a third world country, the people were without good education, without healthcare, the leaders were greedy like our leaders in Haiti.

taking the wealth of the country for their owns benefit.

Now look at Cuba, 99% of the people are educated, they have good doctors all over the world.

Of cause he wasn't perfect, no one is. Of cause he was a dictator, he was a good one for the benifits of his country.

I believe, Castro once said, the world will judge me, but history will defend me. History will definitely defend him. If it wasn't for Castro, who would cares for the cubans, they would have been like a Mexican.

Illegal immigrants.

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