I can only apologize for the lack of leadership at the top...

Eunice Tassone - December 23 2017, 8:05 PM

I can only apologize for the lack of leadership at the top level in the USA. Mr. Trump does not represent me nor the majority of the US population.

This is an instance where the small minority showed up on voting day and the majority of the population was indifferent.

This indifference cost us dearly.

We cannot educate a president that chooses to remain in the state of ignorance all we can do is keep apologizing to everyone he offends.

It is his nature to be offensive.

I truly hope that the people of Haiti understand that the he will be in office for 3 more years if he doesn't get impeached before his term is up I doubt if all of the Haitians in US will be returned to Haiti.

They will scatter and hide until his time is up. Do not judge the American population by Trump and his supporters.

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