The construction of this road will be an important step for...

Alex Jean-mary - December 20 2017, 1:00 AM

The construction of this road will be an important step for the development of Haiti.

this road construction is long overdue.

Politics prevented in the past the construction of this road. Previous authorities from Artibonit department wanted to keep the link with the North for the benefits of their buseniss.

Now the the time of politics is over. All the roads in Haiti must be constructed and have access to the capital for Haiti to be an mergent country.

Haitian politicians shoud be ashamed to see the representant from the EU insisted on the construction of this road after so much derailment and blockage during Mately government.

Hinche, it is your time to move on. The next road constructions I am looking forward is Hinche to Dominican Republic and Hinche to Saint Michel de Latalay.


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