There is no hell fire. That is a false teaching of the...

Lyle - September 28 2017, 1:13 AM

There is no hell fire. That is a false teaching of the churches.

When Adam sinned against God, God said to him " from the dust you came, to the dust you will return.- Gen.3:19/ Where was Adam before God created him?

Nowhere, he didn't exist.When Adam died, he went back to the dust of the ground and non existence.

The punishment Adam received was simply death.

God never said Adam was dammed to eternal hell fire. Because we all inherit Adam's sin, we all receive the same punishment.

The Bible say's "all are going to one place.

They have all come from the dust, and they are all returning to the dust.-Ec.3:20 The Bible also say's " For the living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all."-Ec. 9:5 No one has their own spirit in them that lives on after death.

So what is the spirit in us that the Bible talks about?

(SOUL & SPIRIT Not The Same)

Definitions: Hebrew word(ru'ach)& Greek word(pneu'ma)translated "spirit",have a number of meanings.

1-wind, 2-the active life-force in earthly creatures, 3-impelling force,4-spirit persons,5- God's active force or Holy spirit.

So which definition refers to mankind?

Ezek.18:4-The soul that is sinning- it itself dies".

The Bible renders the Hebrew word (ne'phesh)as "soul".

The soul is the pereson, the body, flesh & bone. The Bible say's man & beast (animals) have the same spirit which goes out when they die. Ec. 3:19 They all have but ONE Spirit.

So the spirit that is in all living creatures (man & animals) is God's life-giving active force, not individual spirits.

But the good news is that all those who are asleep in death are at peace.

The better news is that through the resurrection they have a chance to live again right here on earth under a soon righteous new government, God's Kingdom in heaven & here on earth...

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