We as Christians do not oppose wealth or riches but it should be according to the will of God

Evincent - March 15 2017, 11:51 AM

That song that you've quoted is also an American Gospel Song. It does not literary mean poverty.

When you look around there are many evil ways one can come to wealth: such as corruption, drug dealing, kidnapping, racketeering, stealing, lying, and so forth.

We as Christian do not oppose wealth or riches but it should be according to the will of God.
Therefore; singing i'd rather have Jesus than what the world offers simply means instead of getting ahead in either one of the conditions above, we better live here poorly and leave here clean, Holly and finally meet our Maker.

Not promoting riches as a way to be successful is not a bad idea. Many of us can do good by being a respectful and loyal citizen.

You don't have to be wealthy in order to build schools and hospital.

You need to have an imagination as big as life. And a great education so you can end up making a connection to do what is right, lawful, and useful for yourself and your country.

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Oh Lord sa tro funny m paka ri non wi c vre yo mete...

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