Jah love. My heart aches for the murdered victim from Ayiti...

Marie Nadine Pierre - August 13 2015, 7:55 PM

Jah love. My heart aches for the murdered victim from Ayiti and for those who were injured.

I am sorry that after the treacherous journey to Brazil that cost so much money and takes so many days of travel ends up being a bad move for Ayiti's people.

More than that, I am not surprised that these hateful brazilians did this violence against innocent folks.

Their brothers and sisters are genociding our people in Ayiti.

And in July, I was so abused and violated by these same kinds of hateful, ignorant and racist Brazilians at school in Switzerland.

I am sure that some of them were probably involved with the shootings.

I think that Ayiti's government should push for an investigation and for compensation.

Blessed love.

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