Congratulations to You: M. Guy ÉTIENNE, proud to see...

Edy Deher Lesaint - March 13 2015, 11:27 AM

Congratulations to You:


proud to see à Karybean man among finalists!..

Good Luck to you Sir, !..

Hope all the Karybeans governments help you to succeed, from North(La Havana/Cuba) to South(Port-of-Spain/Trinidad)!..

and from East(BridgeTown/Barbados) to West(Kingston/Jamaïca)?...

Just one thought for past Gérard LAURIETTE called: "PapaYaya" from Capesterre/ Guadeloupe(French colony) who created:
"La méthode des bras blans"!..

"The free hands method"!..

That allowed about tens of thousands of poors
pupils to lurn from our mother tongue(unproperly called "Créole"!..

(Please see note "P-S" at the bottom bottom!..)a first Rank
european language!..

Unfortunately the French colonial territorial administration marginalise and destroy this man and his family life!..

Whatever against them he has been elected Mayor/Maire of "Capesterre Bel'eau" Guadeloupe against the "french rule" demoniac machine he couldn't be reelected!..

I wiil be proud to help you to succeed and to took back to work "PapaYaya"!..

sacerdotal works to help the poor arround the Karybeans and the all World!..

My public email address:

edy696969 [at]


"An "Non Profit Àssociation"!.




Wich President is Maître Ginette COURBAIN

Is working on creat the conditions to give and allow our mother tongue to have a decent name?..

Why not the: " Tan'nou "!..

language for instance?...

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Erratum:..../.... I w'll be proud to help you to...

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