You have no idea Woodring Saint-Preux I am his direct descent...

Sovereign General On Fb - November 3 2014, 11:13 AM

You have no idea Woodring Saint-Preux I am his direct descent and the most hated in the Haitian community for being like him for upholding his principles, philosophy, and values uncompromisingly.

* Much like CONZE gave him up, many ready to do again today.

Many hypocrite Haitians ingrates have forgotten men like him why you do not even see any commemorative initiative on his behalf in the Haitian diaspora community.

September, there were no Dessalines' birthday commemoration, yet there were Haitian balls heavily promoted.

October, there were no given remembrance of the Emperor on the day he was taken from us to November which as you can see, there are not a single mentioning or any preparation for VERTIERES at all.

Yet meanwhile throughout all these mentioned months Haitian balls, senseless socialite parties, and "selling Haiti to foreigners meetings" were taking lavishly.

Do you know what is worse St Preux, we have right here in Atlanta, GA a Conze-vagabon named Gandy Thomas allegedly claim to be a Hinche native not elevating the significance of Charlemagne Peralte in the Haitian conscious - lack there of. To hear his little bandit brother Bibi Thomas trying to run for mayor in Hinche.

* Would you as someone who is from Hinche himself miss out on an opportunity to educate others about my uncle great Charlemagne Peralte?

Well many Haitians in Atlanta, GA are all about sucking-up and are bunch of boycotting "TI Sousou(s)" to this unconscionable Conze-like thug who cannot dare even organize an adequate Haitian Flag day event in GA leave alone why would they remember my great uncle CHARLEMAGNE PERALTE which by now, especially in Atlanta, there is not a single Haitian who knows me whom does not know the constant mention of him as I always do.

* Remember why Dessalines was murdered by elitist ingrates like the kind of Haitians we have today.

__The more we think things have changed, the more they are no different only with slight delusional variations of modern degrees...

Di yo sa y'a rayi'w pou mouri (se mwen, se yo),

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P.S: Look at this "AY CHIENS LIVING IN ATLANTA" group calendar, do you see any reference to any known Haitian commemoration of our ancestors last battle of November 18 who stood, fought, bled, and died so that they could be this ungrateful today?

Exactly, none...

(posted reply from Haitians Living in Atlanta group on Facebook)

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Don't we need men like Charlemagne Peralte today...

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