Haiti - Beton an ap chofe because yap fe yon jan to keep Aristide out of the elections

Kevin - September 29 2014, 1:48 PM

Good story bro! Toujou gen lot rout. Ou te ka pran rout delmas/aeopo pou dessann Kafou Klesinn, gen plizye kote nan zonn anwo yo ou ka gen akse rout delmas.

Stay away from Tabarre as much as you can.

Beton an ap chofe because yap fe yon jan to keep aristide out of the elections.

Rout Taba a pa bon anyway, just stay away from that road, at least until they fix it.

Haitians do blow things out of proportion true, but scenes like that can escalate real fast in Haiti, especially when it comes to Aristid.

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