Its about time they get exposed. I was at the carnival in july...

Nathalie Mystila - August 24 2014, 6:31 PM

Its about time they get exposed.

I was at the carnival in july I was ashamed to be Haitian.

It's sad to see the lack of humanity within the police force, do not blame martelly, blame each one of those idiot for the way they were raised, along with the current living situation, mix with their egos they pray on the week. Another problem is seeing these fool dress in full combat walking into the carnival pushing, shoving at innocent bystanders, tourist.

Just to provide security for those multatoes, like as if they're lives was more precious than the next citizen.

Hope he gets everything he deserves.

Hope he snitch on the other asholes, cause there is thousands just like them. Posers, mother fuckers

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