Your reply has so much hatred attached to it, he simply use DR...

Flo - August 8 2014, 11:06 AM

Your reply has so much hatred attached to it, he simply use DR as a point of location/reference.

DR doesn't belong to you per se, it's a country, a location, it has nothing to do with your expression of hatred.

He simply stated that the border prison is being rebuilt and he wanted to use DR as a point of location for the ready to understand to which he is referring to. Just relax, HATRED of any kind is unnecessary, he did not say DR cause the prison to be damaged or blamed anyone for the destruction of it, he simply use it make a point.

lastly, if you don't like DR being used in relation with Haiti, I suggest you relocate your DR, because whether you like it or not DR and Haiti history are strongly tied to one another (read your history) and the way history works, there's not way to untie yourself from it (thus, the term history).

Haitians never denied your country's help in helping it to survive, but can you all not be so arrogant?

it's a good thing to help someone regardless of who they are, for the record of history, Haitian soldiers fought your independence (watch

please spend your energy loving, rather than proving how much hate DR and the people there have toward Haiti and the Haitian people, you have to think for yourself, why should a people be hated just for existing, also Haiti helps DR's economic tremendously.

Border countries are there to help one another, not just take and hate.

I hope this helps, love changes things quicker than hate does. try it out, love someone that you feel shouldn't be loved and see how this person will change (test your love).

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