Use of MagicJacks in Haiti no good for the company who control incoming calls to Haiti

Raynald Delerme - December 19 2013, 10:12 PM

It is counterproductive for any country, but allow me to give you the inside scoop.

Since the implementation of the 5 cents tax on all incoming calls to Haiti, there is a company who controls all incoming calls.

The last amount charged by that company to do the same work in Senegal was about 49% of the revenue.

Do some investigating and find out who the company handling that in Haiti belongs to. Then and only then you will understand why this new technology that has gained world-wide acceptance is so badly seen by the Director of CONATEL and the present government.

Less money coming in, less cut for that company.

Has nothing to do with helping the country move forward my friend.

See the related photo:

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