I Like this! The words of an Artist. Why didn't anyone tell me...

Maggy Gousse - November 8 2013, 11:42 AM

I Like this! The words of an Artist.

Why didn't anyone tell me TonTon Bicha's name is Daniel Fils-Aime?

I learned so much through this response.

There is nothing like knowing the truth from the true seed.

This is always how it should be from the true seed and nothing else.

You see there is always a true seed however Haitian people love to create false seeds, avoiding the real one. Then they spread it out till it bursts into trouble.

Got to quit that if our wish is to finally be respectful to ourselves and to others.

I know there are Paparazzi's and other sources doing the same in other Countries however were talking about us here! Haitian people.

We are special, at least I believe we are therefore why do we copy other cultures and that I say in everything?

I want to see the "special side" of my culture.

It is unique! Let's respect ourselves in order to respect others!

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