Hi to all! I am concerned about Haiti with everything that is...

David Blaise - October 14 2013, 8:28 PM

Hi to all!
I am concerned about Haiti with everything that is going on right now. I have a feeling that Martelly is giving away the country to those Bourjois RESTAVEK who have not done anything to uplift our citizen from poverty.

These group of people were already responsible for 54% of the country's wealth, now is shooting right around 63%.

Their main politics is to shut everything down and imports from other country.

Just like they did for: Minoterie, Cement D'Haiti and Ascierie D'Haiti.

Moun sa yo pa we intere pep ayisyen, se yon ekip etranje ki envayi pei Dessalines lan pou yo fe lajan.

Menm jan ak tout pep kap mande moun ki gen anpil mlajan nan peyi yo sa kap fet ak fiti yo. Nou tou nou oblije poun kwense moun sa yo pou yo kab bay yon eksplikasyon sou eta peyi nou. They are getting supper rich, while those in the getho's a are dying starving.


A bon entendeur, Salut!

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