Church in Haiti is a full Pastor's private business. I will...

Pradel - August 3 2013, 6:48 AM

Church in Haiti is a full Pastor's private business.

I will give you an exemple so that you can understand better this problem: Just imagine a small area with a lot of small businesses involving in selling medications, imagine that you have to buy a "dolostop sinis" under doctor's prescription.

If you go to Ti Djo's pharmacy and he doesn't have "dolostop sinis", try to ask him where else you can find it and you will have the answer.

He will never tell you to try the next door pharmacy, he will rather tell you "I don't know" and in the worst case he will probably tell you "Mpa kwè wap jwenn li nan zòn sa" even when the next door pharmacy have it. Now, let's come back to the church matter.

The pastor will always tell the fidèl not to hear compas direct, because one of these upcoming days, compas direct will probably be the "Direct" competitor of his church and if the followers take great pleasure in compas direct they may save money to go to "Compas direct" and so, the "Dime" in church will be drained to cultural activities and not to church.

Try to see the life level of every Pastor's family in Haiti compared to the followers's one and you will notice that God is with the pastor in person and the follower's family get abandonned by the almighty God. In Haiti, everything is a matter of "Direct Competition", because everybody is surviving there, and the most "intelligent" are living good life. The most intelligent are: "Pastors, Mayors, Deputy, Senators, President etc...", because, one way or another, they have the possibility to convince people to elect them as their leader!!!

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