Refrigeration in Haiti

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Electricity in Haiti, or NOT : Having a Refrigerator is NO Use

PHOTO: Haiti - a Refrigerator with only one Cup of Water Inside In Haiti, having a refrigerator is of almost no use to you due to the lack of electricity... Haiti's electric company, Electricité d'Haiti (EDH), turns on the light sometimes late at night and cuts if off early in the morning for the entire day... more »

Refrigeration in Haiti - Why do Haitians in Haiti simply hate leftover refrigerated food?

Many Haitians use a refrigerator ONLY to chill water, keep the juice cold and to make ice In America, Haitians in the Diaspora call leftover food "YESTERDAY" but in Haiti they call it "Manje Dòmi." Nobody wants to eat manje dòmi... I have a cousin who likes his water freezing cold but he will not eat any food if it spends one night in the refrigerator... Why is that so? more »