Notorious Haitian Criminals

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Former Haiti candidate for Depute and Senator pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking in the United States

Vincent Casseus - Candidate for Depute of Jeremie Haiti Vincent Casseus, a former candidate for depute and candidate for Senator under the banner of the LAPEH party in Grand'Anse Haiti, extradited to the United States, pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking, according to the South Florida District Attorney's Office. more »

FLASH: Haitian police arrests Milot Berger, the man shot at President Jovenel Moise's Motorcade

PHOTO: Haitian Criminal Milot Berger - Accused of Shooting at President Jovenel Motorcade La Chapelle Haiti -- Haitian police caught and arrested Milot Berger the man shot at President Jovenel Moise's Motorcade early Saturday morning. more »