Hunger in Haiti

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Millions of Haitians will face hunger in 2020

PHOTO: Food Shortage in Haiti Things are really bad in Haiti but it is about to get worse. Forty percent of Haitians will face food insecurity by March 2020, according to a new report by OCHA. more »

10 Facts About Hunger In Haiti - Read This...

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon bèl plat Diri Sòs Pwa ak Vyann bò Latibonit, 50 Goud The World Food Programme (WFP) recently released a list of 10 facts about Hunger in Haiti... Sad but true, these 10 facts are real and threaten the live of many if nothing is done about it... more »

Hunger in Haiti - The Street Protests have Begun and may Soon Multiply

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation - Si w Grangou Leve Kanpe!!! People are hungry in Haiti and some organizations took to the streets Friday to protest against the lack of jobs, being hungry, and the extreme poverty that exists in the country... This may only be the beginning protests organizers are saying... more »