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FLASH: Haiti - 9-Month Pregnant Woman Dies in front of Hospital General in Port-au-Prince Due to Doctors Protest

Hopital de L'universite D'etat D'Haiti / L'Hopital General Can you Believe this ****??? In Haiti, a 9-month pregnant woman rushes to General Hospital in Port-au-Prince Wednesday to give birth, instead, she DIED unable to give birth BECAUSE doctor are on strike... more »

Haiti General Hospital Morgue will no Longer accept the Dead from outside the Hospital...

Hopital de L'universite D'etat D'Haiti / L'Hopital General Now Hear this... The Ministry of public health (MSPP) in Haiti alerted the population that the morgue at Hospital General in downtown Port-au-Prince is ONLY for those who die INSIDE the Hospital walls... Starting 09 June 2015, if you die outside, your body must be taken elsewhere... more »