Haiti Gas Pump Fire

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Haiti FIRE Safety - Which Ministry in Responsible for Building Fire Stations in Haiti?

PHOTO: Haiti - Gwo DIFE nan Ville Hinche, Yon Pump Gazoline Eksploze... Think about this for a minute... There has been three (3) major fire incident in Haiti within the last month and they caused a lot of property damage because there are no fire stations and no fire trucks in the vicinity where these fires occurred... QUESTION: Which government ministry in responsible for building fire stations in Haiti? more »

FLASH: Haiti FIRE - Gas Tanker Explodes in Leogane Route National 2

PHOTO: Haiti Gas Tanker Explosion in Leogane, Route National 2 News Hit social Media Wednesday afternoon that a gas tanker exploded on Route National 2 in Leogane following a collision with a public transportation vehicle... more »

246 PHOTOS: Haiti Funerailles Victim DIFE Hinche yo, gade...

Photo - Hinche Haiti, Funerailles Victim DIFE Pump Gasoline Funerailles victim Hinche yo finn chante Nan ville Hinche, anpil moun te reponn prezan, Madan prezidan Privert, anpil depute, plizye Senatè ak lot moun inportant nan vie National la... 246 Photos... Gade... more »

PHOTOS: Haiti - Hinche FIRE Victims Funeral...

PHOTO: Funerailles Victim DIFE Yo - Hinche Haiti Here are some photos from the Funeral of the Hinche Haiti Gas Pump FIRE victims... Preparations are done, Many hearses (corbillard) are already at Place Charlemagne Peralte with coffins inside, the ceremony is about to begin... more »

FLASH: Hinche Haiti Fire Victims Funeral At Place Charlemagne Peralte Today, Tuesday

PHOTO: Haiti - Gwo DIFE nan Ville Hinche, Yon Pump Gazoline Eksploze... Hinche Haiti - A public funerals will be held at the public square of the city of Hinche this morning, Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016, 10 am, for the victims of the gas station fire last Thursday... more »