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Dany Laferriere : Turneb Delpe used to give me money to go to the movies

PHOTO: Danny Laferriere and Turneb Delpe Haitian writer and academician Danny Laferierre wrote a great tribute to politician Turneb Delpe after his death. In it, Danny Laferriere racalls moments as a teenager when Turneb Delpe would slip money into his pocket to go to the movies. more »

Haiti - Dany Laferriere's Mother is Dead

PHOTO: Haitian Writer Dany Laferriere at Academie Francaise Marie Nelson Laferrière, mother of Haitian author and Académie française immortal Dany Laferriere has died Thursday 11 May 2017. more »

Haitian Author Dany Laferriere officially inducted into the Academie Francaise as an Immortal

PHOTO: Haitian Writer Dany Laferriere at Academie Francaise It's now official, Haitian author Dany Laferriere is an Immortal... Danny Laferriere was officially inducted into the Académie Française Thursday, 28 May 2015, with French President François Hollande and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard in attendance for the induction ceremony... more »

Haiti - Dany Laferriere attacked and robbed, his iPad containing important documents stolen

Dany Laferriere Haitian-Canadian author and Imortal Dany Laferrière has been a victim of an assault in Port-au-Prince this Thursday, 8 May 2014. He was attacked and robbed. His iPad which contained some very important documents was stolen by these unidentified perpetrators... more »

Academie Francaise - Haitian author Dany Laferriere is now an Immortal

Dany Laferriere L'Academie Francaise as just elected Haitian author Dany Laferriere as their new Immortal, the highest honor granted in the French language... Laferriere is the first Haitian to receive this Honor... For the rest of his life, Daniel Laferriere will be one of 40 members of L'Academie, responsible for being the official authority on the development of the French language in France and around the world... WOW... more »