Corruption in Haiti

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PetroCaribe: Petro challengers announces Haiti street protest Sunday June 09

PHOTO: Kote Kob PetroCaribe a #PetroCaribeChallenge - Haitians Protesting The PetroCaribe street protest are about to restart in Haiti. Petro challengers regrouped under a structure called "Nou Pap Domi" announced a new street protest Sunday June 09 2019 to force the Superior Court of Auditors (CSCCA) to rendere a judicial decisions, called "arrêt de débet" so the the PetroCaribe judgments process can continue. more »

Jean Gabriel Fortune: The biggest problem Haiti is facing right now is impunity and corruption

Jean Gabriel Fortune Former Senator and mayor of Le Cayes Jean Gabriel Fortune says the biggest problem Haiti is facing right now is impunity and corruption. "We are in a state where anyone can do whatever he wants in this country and there are no sanctions, no punishment." more »

Haitian-American tourism promoter charged in scheme to bribe Haitian government officials

PHOTO: Haiti Beaches - A beautiful beach at Mole-St-Nicolas, Northern Haiti Roger Richard Boncy, a 74 year old Haitian-American was charged Tuesday in a scheme to bribe Haitian government officials over the construction of an $84 million port project in Mȏle St. Nicolas, a city in northwest Haiti. more »

Manifestation in Haiti Sunday, the #PetroCaribeChallenge continues...

PHOTO: Kote Kob PetroCaribe a #PetroCaribeChallenge - Haitians Protesting The #PetroCaribeChallenge Street protests continue in Haiti. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Port-au-Prince Sunday asking where is the Petro Caribe money. more »

Haiti - Big Corruption SCANDAL at the Haitian Port Authority APN

PHOTO: Haiti New APN - Haitian National Port Authority News broke in Haiti about a 10 Million U.S. Dollar corruption SCANDAL at the Haitian National Port Authority (APN)... 143 checks totaling some 10 million US dollars issued by the shipping agency Seaboard Marine of Haiti SA to the order of APN were diverted to a company called APNI / Import-Export... more »

Haiti - Embezzlement at Cour Superieur des Comptes, ex-president Nonie Mathieu accused of skimming 37 million gourdes

PHOTO:  Haiti - Nonie Mathieu Nonie Mathieu, former president of Haiti's Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA), is involved in a major operation to divert some 37 million gourdes from the State coffers, National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) says... more »

Police Haitien vs. Police Dominicain - Ki Police ki pi Corrompu?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Mezanmi... Mwen sot li yon list police ki pi corrompu dans le monde sou yon sit entènet Haitien epi, lè mwen gade nan list la, mwen wè Haiti, epi-m pa wè Sen Domeng... mwen ton be ri... Mwen di: "Aaaaaa tchwipppps, lis saa pa bon..." more »