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Haitians seeking Asylum in Canada are not getting the answer they were hoping for

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada Many Haitians running to Canada from the United States fearing the end of TPS are facing a shocking reality: Aslylum to Canada is not that easy... more »

Haitian-Canadian Dominique Anglade becomes Deputy Premier in Quebec

PHOTO: Dominique Anglade, Haitian-Canadian Politician Dominique Anglade, daughter of Haitian Professor Georges Anglade, had just been appointed Vice Prime Minister in Quebec (vice premier ministre au Québec). more »

85 percent of the 10,000+ seeking asylum in Canada are of Haitian origin

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), 80% to 85% of asylum seekers are of Haitian origin. Others come from various countries, including Sudan and Turkey. more »

Haitians in US fearing deportation by President Trump pour into Canada seeking Asylum

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada Many Haitians living in the United States are so afraid they will be deported by President Donald Trump that they've decided to stream across the U.S. border into Canada seeking asylum. more »

Haiti : Immigration - About 500 march against Canada deportation of migrants to Haiti and Zimbabwe

Haitian Deportation As of Monday, some 3,500 people from Haiti and Zimbabwe who have been rejected as refugees lose all status in Canada... About 500 people marched Sunday afternoon in Montreal in support of people facing deportation to Haiti and Zimbabwe. more »

Michaelle Jean, First Haitian and Woman to lead "la Francophonie"

PHOTO: Michaelle Jean at the Primature Former Haitian governor-general of Canada, Michaelle Jean, was chosen Sunday after intense debate as the new head of the union of French-speaking nations known as "la Francophonie"... Congratulations Michaelle Jean... more »

Canadian Beer Links to Cola Couronne In Haiti

Beer in Canada - Links To Haiti Pop Quiz: Which Canadian beer making company is linked to Brasserie de la Couronne in Haiti? Nope... It's not Molson... more »

Wyclef run-in with Immigration in Canada.

Wyclef Jean Holding His Green Card And Haitian Passport Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean had a little immigration problem in Canada over the weekend. apparently, Wyclef misplaced his Green Card and could not provide it to Canadian immigration officials in order to enter the country. more »