Raising Kids - Put it in the bank my father said. He was not talking about money

I remember one time I was speaking to my son, little at the time, I was talking some sense into him. My father looked at me and he said: "Go ahead, put it in the bank."

Lieutenant Galbeau Saint Preux and his Grandsons

After I thought I had finished talking some sense into my son who, by the way, didn't hear a word I said, I went and asked my father: "What were you talking about?"

"Put it in the bank," he said to me again.

"But what does that mean?"

My father replied:

"All of these things that you are saying to my grandson right now, he doesn't even understand it. But you have to keep saying it, keep putting it in the bank."

"As long as it goes from your mouth to his ears, there are saved somewhere inside of him and when he needs these words, he will withdraw them like money from a bank account. So keep putting it in the bank."

"If you don't say it, it is not in the bank, he will never know. One day something will happen to him in his life, and he will remember; My father said this 10 years ago."

So to all of you parents reading this right now, do yourself and your children a favor?

Put it in the bank!

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Judith says...

Very true! I have 4 boys sometimes da think I'm talking nonsense.

Thanks for send me that

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Subject: Raising Kids - Put it in the bank my father said. He was not talking about money edit

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