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Dany Laferriere : Turneb Delpe used to give me money to go to the movies

PHOTO: Danny Laferriere and Turneb Delpe Haitian writer and academician Danny Laferierre wrote a great tribute to politician Turneb Delpe after his death. In it, Danny Laferriere racalls moments as a teenager when Turneb Delpe would slip money into his pocket to go to the movies. more »

Haiti - Peasant leaders are TIRED of all the LIES and deception in Haitian Politics

PHOTO: Haiti Politics - Peasants Leaders Tired or Candidate LIARS A peasant leader complains he has lost his ability to assemble people for political purposes due to the amount of lies and deceptions in Haitian politics... "They've lost their trust in me," he says, "because of those who lie to me to get elected"... more »

Haitian Lawmakers need to get on the "willing" Bus

PHOTO: Haiti Bus Transport - VOLONTE In Gros-Morne, Artibonite, Haiti, there is a transport bus called "VOLONTE" (willingness)... Haitian lawmakers should get on that bus... more »

O O... Apa Moun yo pa pataje photo bannann sou Facebook anko!

PHOTO: Haiti - Apa IZOLAN pose aba Bannann li? Mezanmi tout koze bon pou pale... Nan jou sa yo, mwen pa remake photo bannann sou Facebook menm, se photo ZONBI mwen wè konnye sèlman... LOL... Kisa sa vle di??? more »

Haiti Justice - RORO Nelson NO Show at Parquet de Port-au-Prince Monday, New Travel BAN Issued Againts Him

PHOTO: Haiti - RORO Nelson vs. Jean Danton Leger President Martelly's Friend Ronald 'RORO' Nelson disobeyed a direct order by public prosecutor Jean Danton Leger to appear at parquet de Port-au-Prince for questioning... A new travel ban has been issued against him... more »

Haiti - RORO Nelson To Appear at Parquet de Port-au-Prince Monday...

PHOTO: Haiti - RORO Nelson vs. Jean Danton Leger Breaking News... Haiti - RORO Nelson, ex President Martelly's closest friend, is to scheduled to appear at Parquet de Port-au-Prince Monday to answer questions of commissioner Jean Danton Leger... more »

Haiti - President Martelly WILL Travel with son Olivier Despite Travel BAN

PHOTO: Haiti - Olivier Martelly, President Martelly, Sophia Martelly Haiti - Former President Michel Martelly says he WILL travel to the United States this Monday together with his son Olivier Martelly despite a travel BAN issued by Commissioner Jean Danton Leger against Olivier... more »

Haiti Politics - ARNEL Belizaire di l ap Arete RORO Nelson ka menm

Haiti - Arnel Belizaire vs. Roro Nelson Tande koze nan La Repiblik... Ancien Depute Arnel Belizaire fe konnen ke li gen pou ARETE Roro Nelson ka menm... more »

Haiti - Ex president Martelly attends Funeral of Murdered PHTK Candidate Lionel Previlon

Haiti - The funeral of Lionel Previlon, a PHTK candidate for depute of Desdunes murdered, took place at Eglise Sacre-Coeur de Turgeau. Ex President Michel Martelly and presidential candidate Jovenel Moise were in attendance... more »

Haiti - Lionel Previlon, PHTK Candidate found Dead near Presidential Candidate Vehicle

Lionel Previlon, an active member of the PHTK political party, close friend of candidate Jovenel Moise and a Candidate for depute, was found dead Wednesday in Delmas 75 near president candidate Jovenel Moise's vehicle... more »