Bonbon Siwo gou, se lè grangou nan bouda w

There is an old trick that people and governments have been using for a very long time. They identify something you want badly, they deprive you of it. Soon enough they will give you a little taste of something resembling what you want and, yummy, the best you ever had!

I once met a high price lady of the night who told me she will not give it up too quickly to her sugar daddy. "Once you give him the candy," she said, "my price goes down to a few hundred dollars every time he needs me."

"Instead, I act like my baby daddy was my first and only one," she said. "I make him work for it a little, and every visit I get thousands of dollars and expensive gifts."

"By the time he gets the candy and my value goes down in his pocket, I already got three other suckers lined up, getting played."

It's kind of funny that I am using the example of a lady of the night to talk about a very serious issue that is affecting the Haitian people and their carrot-and-stick relationship with their so called friends (the International community) and the people they call their leaders, elected or De Facto.

Haitians are so used to the taste of "Bonbon Siwo" thinking it's caviar that they will most likely throw away the real thing if and when it ever arrives in their plates.

Haitians have been conditioned to accept just above the worst as "lavi miyò," just above mediocre as "pito sa pase malgre sa."

It doesn't have to be that way. I have been saying it for many years: Mande Bondye sa w vle!

Rule number one: You have to know what you want.

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Woody says...

Gen yon gran bouzin USA ki di m lè li bwase ak yon gran nèg tou nèf ki anvi koupe l, li aji kòm kwa se papa pitit li sèlman ki te jwe nan jwè la.

L ap fè misye tann. L ap fè misye depanse.

Bouzen an di li jofre misye mezi li kapab pou l bwase l pi byen paske li konnen le jou misye koupe l se monnen epis li pwal jwenn chak fwa nonm lan bezwen sèvis.

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