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Jocelyne Labylle New Video - Laisse parler les gens

Jocelyne Labylle, Jacob Desvarieux - Laisse parler les gens For all the Haitian Zouk fans out there, Jocelyne Labylle et Cheela have a new video out there called 'Laisse parler les gens' featuring Jacob Desvarieux of Kassav et Passi. more »

KASSAV Singer Patrick Saint-Eloi Dead at 55

Patrick Saint Eloi Patrick Saint-Eloi, the former lead singer of Kassav, died Saturday morning at 4am at the age of 52. He was battling cancer more »

Our Condolences to Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan

Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan Condolences to Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan more »

Haitian Screensavers

Haiti Screensavers A HAITIAN SCREENSAVER FOR YOUR PC! more »

The Haitian Folk Songs you grew up with, they are online!

I remember one Saturday afternoon, I was browsing the web looking for new Haitian sites; I stumbled upon this Haitian website with lots of Haitian folk songs and I started to sing away... more »

Actress Vanessa Williams in a Haitian event?

Vanessa Williams  and Olden Polynice Do you enjoy "Soul Food"? I am speaking of the Showtime family series starring Vanessa Williams, who plays the very sensible and solid sister, Maxine. more »

Is Alan Cave Leaving Zin?

Alan Cave There is a rumor that Alan Cave Got a deal with Sony and is leaving group Zin.. more »

The Haitian Internet Newsletter - April 12, 2002

Alan Cave Welcome to the first issue of the Haitian Internet. more »