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Haiti Carnaval 2014 - List officiel des groupes retenus pour participer au defile

Haiti Carnaval 2014 --- Voici la liste des groupes retenus pour participer au défilé des 3 jours gras aux Gonaïves --- Here is the list of Haitian music groups that will participate in Haiti Carnival 2014 in Gonaives... more »

It's NOT all over for Palito de Coco, In fact It's just the begining

If you thought "Game Over" when you heard Palito de Coco left the Dominican Republic and moved back to Haiti, think again... Rumor has it Rumai, El Palito de Coco, may even participate in Haiti Kanavel 2014 in Gonaives... more »

ONLY in Haiti - Un prisonnier sorti de prison pour participer a un concours de musique aux Cayes

Jonas Charlot, Un prisonnier sorti de prison pour participer à un concours de musique aux Cayes ONLY in Haiti can a prisoner participate in contest LOL... Un prisonier vient d'être nominé deuxième lauréat aux éliminatoires du concours « Paroles et Musiques » organisé par la Radio Télé Nami aux Cayes... Le prisonnier a été escorté par deux (2) agents de l'Administration Pénitentiaire et deux (2) médecins attachés à la prison civile des Cayes. more »

MUSIC: Haitian DJ TonyMix remake of Palito de Coco, What do you think?

Dj Tony Mix - Palito de Coco Listen to this... Haitian DJ TonyMix has just released a remake of Palito de Coco... Listen to it and tell me what you think... more »

Attention Haitian Musicians: Did you know about this new T-VICE Rule?

To all the unstable Haitians musicians out there... T-Vice has just pulled the brakes on musicians leaving unexpectedly... From this moment forward, if you think you can just leave T-Vice and go to another band, or form your own band just like that, THINK AGAIN... T-Vice is setting a new example, they say, in the Haitian music industry (HMI)... more »

POLL: Reginald Cange "SAN BAB" - Good or Bad?

Yon ti dam ki ap foto Reginald Cange san bab... Li di: "O O... Gad kijan Reginald Cange vinn granmounn!" Mwen di-l: "Non se pa granmoun li vinn granmoun, se bab li li retire!" more »

Lunise (RAM) Candidate For Haiti Senate Under LAVALAS?

Lunise Exume Morse, singer of Haitian Racine music group RAM, may run for Senator of Haiti under the banner of Aristide's LAVALAS political party. more »

VIDEO: Compas Music in Spanish... Take a look...

Dominican Singer Don Forzani - Ciudad Kompa Can Dominicans Sing Compas Music... Apparently they can... Watch this video... more »

Haiti Carnaval 2013 Cap-Haitien - List of Musical Groups Participating

Haiti Carnaval 2013 - Cap Haitien Here is the list of Haitian musical groups that will be on the "Parcours" of Haiti Carnaval 2013 in Cap-Haitien. more »

Haiti I Am Sorry - Have You Ever Heard This Calypso Song?

David Rudder - Haiti I am Sorry In June 2009, I was guest at the Tambrin Radio station in Tobago. I was introduced by this strange Calypso music singing "Haiti I am Sorry" and I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was; it was the first time I heard it... more »