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FLASH: Haiti Music - Singer Mickael Guirand Leaves CARIMI

PHOTO: Haiti Music - CARIMI Breaking News... Haiti Music band CARIMI has just lost the 'MI' in CARIMI... Leader Singer Mickael Guirand has decided quit the band, CARIMI, Effective immediately... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Black Alex is DEAD, This Time It is NOT a Rumor

PHOTO: Haiti - Back Alex There has been lot of rumor regarding the death of Haitian rap star Black Alex... This time it is NOT a rumor, Jamecy Alex Pierre aka Black Alex of the group King Posse is DEAD... He was 39... Rest in peace Black Alex... more »

Haiti Music - Fabrice Rouzier Mourns the Death of his Mother

Fabrice Rouzier Haitian musician Fabrice Rouzier has just lost his Mother... Marie Helene Brun died in Petionville, in her residence in the early morning hours Tuesday, 3 November 2015... Our sincere condolences to Fabrice Rouzier and the Rouzier family... more »

Haiti Music - Singer Joe Trouillot Just Died in Canada

Joe Trouillot Haiti Music news -- We have just learned that Haitian singer Joe Trouillot just passey away Thursday afternoon in Montreal Canada, he was 93... Joe Trouillot has been singing since he was 14 years old... more »

Haiti Music - Herold Christophe Body Finally Repatriated to Haiti, Buried Saturday

PHOTO: Herold Christophe After nearly one month since his death, the body of Haitian Singer Herold Christophe was finally repatriated to Haiti... The remains of the singer arrived in Cap-Haitien Friday morning. A funeral was held Saturday. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Singer Herold Christophe is DEAD

PHOTO: Herold Christophe Haiti Music -- News is pouring in via Haitian Social Media that Singer Herold Christophe is Dead... According to some sources, Herold Christophe dies in Boston... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Coupe Cloue Jr. Shot DEAD in Delmas 7

PHOTO: Coupe Cloue Jr - Haitian Music Breaking News... Haitian Musician Jean Gesner Henry Jr aka Coupé Cloue Junior was shot dead in Delmas 7, Port-au-Prince, late night Tuesday, 27 May 2015, by armed bandits... The young singer was shot four times... Coupe Cloue JR is Dead... more »

FLASH... Haitian singer TANTAN Arrested on Battery Charges

PHOTO: Arrested - Stanley Toussaint alias TANTAN - Mugshot Breaking News - Haitian music artist Stanley Toussaint alias Tantan was arrested Thursday on Battery Charges. A mugshot of the artist is already circulating on the Haitian social Media Networks. more »

Haiti - Barikad Crew singer PHANTOM in Stable Condition following Kanaval 2015 incident

PHOTO: Phantom - Barikad Crew -  Haiti Kanaval 2015 Good News for Barikad Crew... Singer Phantom is in stable condition after he was rushed to the hospital early Tuesday morning following an terrible accident on top of the carnival float in mid-performance... more »

Pouchon Djakout Mizik was in court Monday to answer questions about Sonson La Familia

Pouchon Duverger - Singer - Djakout No. 1 Haitian singer Augustin "Pouchon" Duverger of Djakout #1 appeared in court in Port-au-Prince Haiti Monday, 08 Dec 2014, to answer a judge's questions about Sonson La Familia, currently in prison on kidnapping charges... Other members of the band Djakout #1 went with Pouchon to show support... more »