I found out why my shoes don't fit anymore and why my feet seems to be getting bigger with age

At what age does your foot stop growing and why is it that my shoes suddenly dont fit anymore in my early 50s?

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I mean I've been the same size 13 since I was in high school but all of a sudden my favorite size 13 shoes are not comfortable anymore.

I was expecting my feet to shrink as I get older but that's not what is happening. I'm wondering why that is.

So I did a little curiosity research. Here's what I found out:

As an individual, your foot will likely continue to grow throughout childhood and adolescence. The growth plates in the bones of your foot will develop and lengthen during this period.

At what age does your foot stop growing?

In females, foot growth may slow down by the age of 14-15, while in males, it might continue until you are 16-17 years old.

So that explains why I've been wearing size 13 since I was about 17 or 18 years old in high school.

However, it's important to remember that every person is different, and you may experience growth spurts or delayed growth beyond these average ages. Genetics, nutrition, and overall health also play a role in the growth process.

Once the growth plates in your foot fuse and close, typically during late adolescence or early adulthood (around 18-20 years old), your foot's length will reach its final size.

If that's the case then why does my foot hurt now when I put on my favorite size 13 sneakers now that I'm much older than 18 years old?

I discovered that the width of your foot might continue to change throughout adulthood due to factors like weight gain, pregnancy, and aging.

Hmmmm... I think weight gain maybe the culprit in my case.

How does aging affect your foot size?

There are a number of things when you age that will affect your foot size but as far as making it bigger here are two things that I discovered:

Arthritis and Joint Changes:
Osteoarthritis, a common condition associated with aging, can affect the joints in your feet, leading to inflammation, pain, and changes in the alignment of bones. This may cause your feet to change shape and potentially increase in size.

Swelling and Fluid Retention: Some older individuals may experience swelling in their feet due to circulatory issues or fluid retention, temporarily increasing the foot size.

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