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Palito de Coco, Star of a TV Commercial to Sell Cars in the United States

Palito de Coco is now Selling Cars in the United States Haitian singer "Palito de Coco", has been hired as the star for the filming of a television commercial for a vehicle sales company in the United States... Play Palito's Ringtone inside the dealership and get an instant $500 discount... more »

Haitians have nothing to offer other than cheap labor, a Dominican says...

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic Many of my Haitians readers are getting upset over a comment posted by a Dominican here on over the topic: Build A WALL Between Haiti And The Dominican Republic... "Nobody wants Haitians," he says, we "don't have anything to offer other than cheap labor that, at the end, becomes more of a problem..." more »

Dominicans often tell me: Tu No Parece Haitiano...

Haitian Sugar Cane Field Worker in the Dominican Republic When I read about the denationalization process that is taking place in the Dominican Republic, the focus seems to be on color and class... By that I mean BLACK and POOR... Is it me or is this what has been classified as 'being Haitian'? What about the rich light skin Haitians in DR? Will anyone bother them? more »

Poukisa yon Ayisyen al SENDOMENG? - Tout moun kap vini RD dwe li mesaj sa a anvan yo vini

Haiti Neg Mawon Dominican Flag On Fire Not enpotan: Chak ayisyen ki ta vle vini nan peyi Repiblik Dominikèn ta dwe li atik sa anvan li pran desizyon final la.. Se yon konsèy men se pa yon obligasyon... more »

Haitien Sen Domeng ap plenyen, anpil ap pedi travay yo

Pica Pollo - Dominican Style fried chicken - Pollo frito Konbyen Haitien ki pedi job yo deja nan Sen Domeng??? --- Mwen sot rankontre ak yon dam ki genyen yon bon bout tan ap travay nan yon Pica Pollo nan Sen Domeng. Li dim li sanle pedi travay li paske, soudenman, patron li ap mande li papye travay... more »

Depotasyon Haitiens nan St-Domingue, se bwote yo ap bwote moun...

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Men yon nouvel nan boush yon bos mason Haitien ki ap viv St-Doming: "Yo komanse revoke yon paket haitien ki t-ap travail, ki pa gen viza... Imigrasyon fin fou nan lari-a ap depote moun... M-tande si yo jwenn yon ingenie St-Doming k-ap travay ak yon Haitien ilegal, y-ap fe-l peye 300,000 peso..." more »

Wanna take a picture with "Palito de Coco?" Get in line... LOL...

Palito De Coco surrounded by fans taking photos on their smartphones Look at this photo... Palito de Coco is surrounded by fans just waiting to take a picture with him... Eveyone is snap! snap! snapping pictures of Palito with their smartphones... more »

Love thy neighbor? Not when it comes to the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Haiti neg maron dominican flag olive branch The guardian has just published an article with a very strong title: "Love thy neighbor? Not when it comes to the Dominican Republic and Haiti." The article says: "While the Dominican Republic has relied on these migrant workers to provide cheap labour for their sugar cane harvests and also in the building trades, some politicians have tried to win political capital by demonizing them." more »

Amnesty International: Dominican Republic must retract ruling that could leave thousands stateless

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Amnesty International says the Dominican Republic should not implement a Constitutional Court ruling that could leave hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of foreign descent (mostly Haitians) stateless. If implemented in this way, the ruling would violate the Dominican's Republic human rights obligations. more »

Haiti is a good place to invest, Nicholas Galt says

Haiti - Open For Business Newly-elected chairman of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA), Nicholas Galt, is looking to develop business opportunities in Haiti and he is suggesting that Caricom, of which Haiti is a member, should make travel access of citizens of the country to the region much easier. more »