Dominican Republic

Vandals invade Home of Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Fritz Cineas

PHOTO: Fritz Cineas, Haiti Ambassador to Dominican Republic Dominican crooks dressed in Electric Company uniform burglarized the residence of the Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, Fritz Cinéas, Thursday, 5 February 2015... more »

Haiti Prison Break Update - 11 Escaped Convicts Captured in The Dominican Border

Haiti Prison Break Haiti Prison break update - Dominican Authorities have announced that they have captured 11 of the prisoners who escaped from the Prison Civile at Croix des Bouquets as they try to enter the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti - Why are the Haitian border cities and towns so far from the border?

Haiti Dirt Roads - Boc Banic, Near The Dominican Border If you ever travel on land from Haiti to the Dominican Republic, you may be surprised to see that the Dominican Republic has fully developed cities and town right on the border while, on the Haiti side, you have to go quite a distance inland to find a sign of life... Why is that? I wondered... A friend of mine gave a brief explanation that makes sense... more »

HASCO, The Haitian-American Sugar Company - Once upon a time, Haiti used to produce its own Sugar

Haitian Sugar Cane Field Worker in the Dominican Republic Once upon a time there was a sugar producing company called HASCO... I say once upon a time because, since they shut down in 1987, there have no ZERO companies sugar in Haiti. we only import sugar... more »

Haiti PIG Population at Risk of Deadly Epidemic - Haiti pig farmers are in deep trouble...

Haiti - Yon ti Cochon ki mare nan kod - kanè bank malere Bad news for Haitian Farmers... There is another epidemic waiting in line to attack Haiti... This time it is the PORK population, more than one million, whose life is in danger... Haiti Department of Agriculture has just issued an alert about Porcine Epidemic diarrhea (PED) a deadly pig disease may cause havoc in the pig population... more »

10 Haitian student air traffic controllers just graduated in the Dominican Republic

Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port-au-Prince, Haiti I just found out that 10 Haitian student Air Traffic controllers have just graduated at Academia Superior de Ciencas Aeronaúticas (ASCA) in the Domincan Republic. That's great news... As more airport open up in Haiti I certainly hope these new Haitian air traffic controllers find jobs so they can be of service to their country. more »

Build a WALL between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, says Dominican Politician

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic Dominican deputy Vinicio Castillo Seman has proposed to his colleagues the building of WALL 400 kilometers long to separate the Dominican Republic from the Republic of Haiti... The logic behind this is to help prevent Haitian migration into the Dominican Republic, Castillo says. more »

Police Haitien vs. Police Dominicain - Ki Police ki pi Corrompu?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Mezanmi... Mwen sot li yon list police ki pi corrompu dans le monde sou yon sit entènet Haitien epi, lè mwen gade nan list la, mwen wè Haiti, epi-m pa wè Sen Domeng... mwen ton be ri... Mwen di: "Aaaaaa tchwipppps, lis saa pa bon..." more »

Dominicain an di: Nenpot Resource ki genyen Haiti, Haitien Dyabolize li

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa ISTWA TOUT BON... Yon jou mwen visite lakay yon zanmi dominicain ki abite sou fontyè Haitiano-Dominicain an. N-ap pale, Misye di-m konsa Haiti genyen anpil resource naturel men, olye pou yo ta exploite resous sa yo, yo prefere diabolize yo... more »

FLASH: Haitian Manhunt Happening in Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic I want to bring to your attention a Haitian manhunt currently happening in the area of Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic. This Saturday, 22 Mar 2014, Haitians are in hiding in Las Matas... Many have escaped the area running for their lives into Haiti via Boc Banic and the Thomassique... more »