Everyone is talking about a recession these days, how are you doing?

We can't help but notice that Haitians in the Diaspora, especially in the United States, are feeling the pinch of what everyone clearly identifies as a recession. Money is scarce and the price of everything is going up.

USA Money dollar bill

Rent has gone up. Americans are driving older cars these days and are not in a rush to exchange their old car for a new one.

The price for groceries, my God!

I saw the price of a small can of carnation milk at a Publix grocery store in Florida I wanted to take a picture and send to my sister in the Domincan Republic. She thinks it's all glitter and gold here.

How are you doing through all of this?

A Bloomberg article says a mild recession is coming this year according to predictions from bank of America economists.

Duhhh!!! People is my immediate circle are already swimming in the recession. Their financial conditions are tight. They are not out there spending money like they are used to. some just don't have it but are too ashamed to admit it.

Like Haitians say in Creole: Y'ap dekouvri St Pierre pou yo kouvri St Paul.

I always feared that a recession would happen after the Covid-19 Pandemic. has it arrived or is just the tip of the iceberg?

What do you think?

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Joe says...

I always appreciate your articles, very much. mèsi anpil anpil.

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