Bill Gates visited Haiti more than once, did you know that?

Did you Know? Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Haiti back in February 2014 and apparently it was not the first time he went to Haiti.

Photo of Bill Gates, wife Melinda and their children in Haiti

Yep, Bill Gates, one of the top 10 richest person in the world, was in Haiti back in February 2014.

Note: At the time that Bill Gates visited Haiti he was the richest person in the world. As of the last update he is number five.

Bill Gates, his wife, now ex wife Melinda and their children visited hospitals in Plateau Central Haiti with his family to pay a visit to Dr. Paul Farmer, one of the heroes of global health, Gates said.

According to a news report by Radio Kiskeya, Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and their kids arrived on board two helicopters at the Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health) Hospital in Cange Haiti.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda visited Haiti at least once before because he blogged about it.

A clip from Bill Gates blog where he talked about his visit to Haiti

On Bill Gates wrote: "We started our day in Cange, a town in the Central Plateau of Haiti where PIH has a clinic. When we arrived, a small student orchestra was performing a song that I later learned was from Pirates of the Caribbean. At least judging from what we saw, life in Cange has improved since the last time Melinda and I were there."

Later they went to the city of Corporan where he visited a vocational training center. Thereafter, the delegation was welcomed at the University Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM).

At midday, Kiskeya reports, Bill Gates and Paul Farmer flew to Port-au-Prince without making statements to the press...

An article on Radio Metropole's web site read...

Bill Gates visited his works in the Central Plateau --- "In 2035 there will be almost no poor country," dixit American billionaire Bill Gates. And, to be convinced, he visited programs funded his charitable foundation in the Central Plateau, activities that can transform Haiti, as he predicted, in "lower middle income country."

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Allen says...

2035 there no poor country, LOL who waiting for that not him, the Haitian's people needs to hold the government of Haiti accountable, for

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Wonka says...

One European comes in as a villain the other European comes in as a hero...both Europeans are workin together...dont trust

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Anie says...

I am extremely happy that I have read this article.

cnt wait to see the change.

I love my island HAITI, was not born there but happy to see others have passion to see the change.

love you bill

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Tony Mandela says...

Business, interest, commerce, trades, opportunities, support, helping...

It's a Genius

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Jeff says...

Why would you say: " your haitian guys"?

That's not very proper to say cause not all haitian guys think the same or act the same..

That's very

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Raymond Archer says...

I want your Haitian guys to stop thinking negatively always give yourself the freedom to always think that any initiative that taken is for the goodness of the Haitian people exploit or not somebody is going to benefit from it

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Michele Pierre says...

It was wonderful.

This is what the country need at this time people that are thinking on how and where to invest to better everyone's life. Excellent

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Daniel Bongard says...

Tha will be good for Haiti if he invest some money open Many job for

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Allan Seraphin says...

Wow we need more people like Bill Gates to invest more into my

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Jeff says...

Bill Gates is a great philantropist...

He gives from his heart.

If all billionnairs n millionaires act like him or think like him, the world would be better off from diseases and

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