Haiti Land Measurement - 'Carreau De Terre' and Centieme Explained

Land For Sale in Haiti In Haiti, the 'Carreau' is a unit of area used to measure land. One Carreau of land in Haiti is equivalent to 1.29 hectares or 3.18 acres of land. more »

Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka talks about why she left Adidas for Nike

Naomi Osaka leaves Adidas and signs with Nike Haitian-Japanese world No.1 tennis player Naomi Osaka revealed the reasons she split with Adidas and become an ambassador for Nike. Here is what she had to say... more »

Mezanmi, Yon Malta ak Lait en Haiti koute 100 Gourdes!

Malta H, Made in Haiti - Lait Bongu, imported Yo di lavi chè en Haiti, se pa rans non! Avanyè madanm mwen anvi bwè malta a lèt, banm ba w zen... more »

Maarten Boute: Digicel Group is a prisoner of its own investments in Haiti

Digicel Haiti CEO Maarten Boute speaking on Television Doing Business in Haiti -- Digicel Haiti CEO Marteen Boute says his company has become a prisoner of its own investment in Haiti due to the political situation in Haiti and the Haitian currency which keeps on loosing it's value. more »

1000 gourdes per product, new penalty for selling expired food products in Haiti

The Haitian Ministry of Commerce has imposed a new penalty to stores and business keep expired food items for sale on their shelves. more »

Dispute between Haiti and a US energy trading firm causing nationwide gas shortage

National Gas Station filled with Motorcycles during a gas shortage There is a big conflict between the Haitian government and U.S. Energy Trading company Novum and that's what is causing all this problems with shortages of gasoline and diesel every in the country. more »

Gasoline an Diesel still hard to find second week in a row in Haiti

Scene of Motorcycles piled up at a gas station in Haiti looking waiting for fuel Haitian motorist are still complaining about a shortage of fuel, mainly gasoline and diesel, for the second week in a row in Haiti. more »

Gasoline and Diesel in short supply in Haiti once again

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is a new fuel shortage many parts of Haiti this first week of April 2019. Men with drums of gasoline and diesel are beging to line up in the streets to sell at black market prices. more »

A Haitian Taxi Moto driver earns more $$$ per month than a Haitian Police Officer!

Look... A Haitian Taxi Moto carrying 4 passengers plus the driver You ever ask yourself why do Haitian police officers put their lives at risk everyday to protect an serve when an average taxi moto driver makes more money than most policemen in Haiti? more »

A factory employing more than 10,000 workers begins its process of withdrawal from Haiti

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips Read this... Following the February 07, 2019, protests that put Haiti on LOCK for more 10 days, a factory employing more than ten thousand (10,000) workers in Caracol has begun its withdrawal process in Haiti. more »