If exports help to grow and expand an economy, what does Haiti export?

I was watching a video about why Singapore is so rich and I heard that exports help to grow and expand an economy. Then I immediately asked myself this question: What exactly does Haiti export? How is the Haitian economy growing?

Haiti Open For Business

As Haitians, we need to start thinking about these things.

A lot of times you hear that Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and, as a Haitian you feel bad and you get defensive... "Oh by the way, did you know? Haiti is the first independent black country in the world, we won our independence back in 1804, we defeated the French..."

Blah Blah Blah!!!

Well, don't fee bad. Start thinking of ways we can change Haiti for the better.

Singapore was not always so rich. Dubai was not always the tourism capital of the middle east. While there may be some factors that play in their favor but, above all, some decisions were made, decisions Haitians leaders have to make to get Haiti out of this darn hole it's in right now.

But the big questions is:

Do they have the balls to make those decisions since, let's be honest, they will not benefit those who are used to getting rich off Haiti as it is right now, the status quo.

The young people of Haiti cannot wait for their Neo, the one will have the balls to do what it takes no matter what.

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Haiti Economie says...

Je regardais une vidéo sur les raisons pour lesquelles Singapour est si riche et j'ai entendu dire que les exportations contribuent à la croissance et au développement d'une économie.

Je me suis alors immédiatement posé la question suivante: Qu'est-ce qu'Haïti exporte exactement?

Comment se développe l'économie haïtienne?

En tant qu'haïtiens, nous devons commencer à réfléchir à ces

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Subject: If exports help to grow and expand an economy, what does Haiti export? edit

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