The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar'

The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar'

The US Dollar has many names. There is a Haitian compas song by System Band that hails it "CESAR" French for Ceasar!

Look closely at this picture of the US One Dollar bill and you will see the written on it in Haiti Creole:

Lew blayi nan posh mwen gen sekirite nan kay la
sevre depi-w antre nan kay la, sevre bagay yo chanje!

Whenever you are in my pocket I feel safe. It is true, whenever you are around, everything changes.

This from the song CESAR by System Band

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Kim Derks says...

What you can't even show IN GOD WE TRUST on our money?

Who is the Hack?

Eveyone is thankful of all the money we give.

Be Thankful to

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